05 March 2020

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The Soutpansberg Resurrection

This is known as a Resurrection Plant (Myrothamnus flabellifolius) This plant is a Geophyte meaning that the plants have an underground storage organ (i.e like a potato).




This plant possess an extensive root system which extends into the crevices of the rocky slopes on which it grows. It usually forms large stands in shallow soil on sunny rocky hills or along cracks and crevices in rocks.


One can find pletny of these plants at Sigurwana on walk or game drive.
In these pictures they appear dead but if you have a close look at the next pictures you will be amazed…


The leaves of the resurrection plant shrink and appear to be dead in the dry season, but miraculously turn green after exposure to water. This can even happen when the stems have been picked some time ago as you can see in the above pictures.





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