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17 February 2020

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What Makes Sigurwana a Top South African Wilderness Reserve


Guests from far and wide who visit Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve in South Africa are delighted with the marvels of nature in all their glory, in their native setting. Spectacular sweeping scenery across a secluded mountain-top location forms a breathtaking backdrop to one of the country’s most diverse wildlife and botanical habitat areas.


Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve is situated at the heart of an ancient part of the African continent, the Soutpansberg Mountain, in Limpopo Province in northern South Africa, approx. 60km from Louis Trichardt, a town named after a leader of the Great Trek migration of settlers into the interior of the country in the 17th Century. A hotspot of biodiversity, the 5,500-hectare malaria-free wilderness haven is perched off the beaten track atop the Soutpansberg mountain range. It embraces Soutpansberg’s highest peak Mount Lajuma, with spectacular views and rock formations millions of years old.


As well as being a source of great pride among locals, Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve is a major destination for South African and international tourists seeking much more than a run-of-the-mill holiday. This stunning South African wilderness reserve gives you a unique means of reconnecting with nature, a highly rewarding experience that provides treasured, lifelong memories.


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Our Impressive Range of Indigenous Animals and Plant Life will Amaze You


Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve boasts a phenomenal diversity of fantastic fauna and flora in their natural habitats.

For instance, as you enjoy exploring this natural paradise you can find:

  • More than 300 different species of trees, including the most northern Yellowwood forest in South Africa, flourishing on misty cliffs, that produce a fruit buffet readily devoured by fruit eating birds and fruit bats
  • Rare cycads, known as “living fossils” because they predate dinosaurs


You’ll also get the chance to see a variety of indigenous wildlife – including endangered species – going about their everyday lives, including:

  • Leopards – the second-largest cat in South Africa (after the lion)
  • Caracals – medium-sized wild cats native to Africa
  • Antelopes – including eland, sable antelope, bushbuck, waterbuck, impala and kudu
  • Samango monkeys (aka Sykes’ monkey or white-throated monkey) – South Africa’s only primate found exclusively in forests
  • Baboons – large primates with a dog-like face and prominent canine teeth
  • Bush pigs – wild pigs native to the savannahs and forests of Africa and Madagascar
  • Pangolins – Ant-eating scale-covered mammals
  • African porcupines – one of the largest rodents in the world
  • Exciting birds such as the Crowned Eagle, regarded as a near threatened species in Africa
  • Endangered Cape Vulture
  • Black Eagle


Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve is also home to:

  • Brown hyenas
  • Ant bears (Aardvark)
  • Giraffes
  • Zebras
  • Wildebeests and many more animals


Sigurwana’s ideal ecological environment, lush bushveld vegetation and forest, mountain springs, grasslands and wetlands, also provides a sanctuary for various types of reptiles and many different insects, including butterflies.


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Making the most of your South African Wilderness Reserve Experience


Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve offers extensive, professional services to enrich your South African wilderness reserve experience, and the personal attention of your own guide is guaranteed to give you authentic insight into the unspoiled splendor of Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve.

Our accommodation, amenities and facilities include:

  • The Sigurwana Main Lodge, built with natural materials from the surrounding reserve
  • Chalets in the near vicinity of the Main Lodge, each with bush views
  • Luxury safari tent, in a private setting with a view to the Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve waterfall rockface
  • Safari drives, including night drives to see nocturnal creatures at work
  • Guided walks/hikes
  • Bird-watching
  • Outstanding photographic opportunities of the landscape and animals


Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you explore the rich delights of nature at one of South Africa’s top wilderness reserves.


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