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18 February 2020

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Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve Visitor Services That Go the Extra Mile


When you arrive at Sigurwana’s sweeping wildlife and botanical haven, you instantly become part of our family, thanks to our friendly and hospitable team.


It is our honour and joy to ensure that our visitors get the most rewarding wilderness experience to leave them with unique, precious memories. Our hopitable team not only anticipate and meet your requirements but strive to exceed your expectations.


Caretakers of a Natural Paradise Who Love to Share Their Knowledge


Sigurwana’s custodians love to share their insight into the amazing creatures and diverse plant life of this natural paradise of mountain springs, arid mountain bushveld, forests, wetlands and grasslands, that have evolved into a hotspot of biodiversity.


If you want to know more the botanical wonders and the lives of the fascinating animal species that grace the Sigurwana Wilderness Reserve, our guide and staff will delight in sharing their knowledge with you.


  • Oliver (Cook)
  • Limpopo accommodation and meals
    Eslina (1)
  • Sigurwana Lodge Housekeeping ladies
  • Soutpansberg lodge, limpopo, handyman
    Paul (1)
  • Best-Hotel-Accomodation-in-Louis-Trichardt-Soutpansberg-Mountains-The-People-v005-compressor
  • Game Reserve maintenance



Meet the Sigurwana Team


Meet the passionate people behind our South Africa Wilderness Lodge:

  • Oliver – our main hot-meal chef, famed for his mouthwatering taste sensations and creative touch
  • Eslina – our sous chef, whose starters and desserts are a labor of love and leave you dreaming about the delectable delights of the next day
  • Tendani and Portia – our obliging, attentive housekeepers who’ll look after all your needs morning to night
  • Paul & Edward – who keep Sigurwana Lodge running smoothly and tend the surrounding gardens
  • Jack, Sunday, David, Eric & Patrick – strong, friendly Venda men whose consistent reliability provides the backbone of Sigurwana´s workforce



“They are all African People who make us truly proud”



The Sigurwana team come from different walks of life and each has individual skill sets, but they have one thing in common, a passion for sharing their in-depth knowledge of the culture, flora and fauna of the magnificence of this South African wilderness.


  • Sigurwana lodge management
    IMG_79691 (1)


Peter and Monika are the management couple of Sigurwana. Between them they have over 20 years of experience working in some of the South Africa’s most remote wilderness lodges. They both have extensive experience as both field guides and in lodge management, and their knowledge and passion for the diverse fauna and flora is enthusiastically and generously shared with all visitors to Sigurwana. Their dream is to build and conserve this unique and magical game farm so that it may be experienced by many future generations to come.



The Soutpansberg is truly a magical mountain. Sigurwana is an extraordinary reserve that embodies the magic of the Soutpansburg, not only in its overwhelming and breath-taking beauty, but also in the loving hospitality of the staff who work here.


Sigurwana boasts an incredible diversity of intriguing plants and creatures to be treasured and a symphony of sounds that draw one back to nature. Often, the mountain reveals herself when we take the time to be silent and just observe her wonders. It is an honour and tremendous joy for us to share the splendour of this incredible landscape and some of her secrets with our wonderful guests.


“A passion for life on the Magic Mountain”


Neil and Liesel Wright are the owners of Sigurwana- Close to Heaven.


Best-Hotel-Accomodation-in-Louis-Trichardt-Soutpansberg-Mountains-The-People-003-compressorNeil is South African. He writes books, enjoys the company of guests, is interested in people, likes politics, economics, discussions and good food.







Best-Hotel-Accomodation-in-Louis-Trichardt-Soutpansberg-Mountains-The-People-002-compressorLiesel is German, lives her African dream in Sigurwana. “ I love the bush. If I could I would spend most of the day in Sigurwana, observe, listen, take photographs and write about it.






Turning Your Wilderness Experience Dream into Reality


With exceptional people skills and a strong commitment to giving our visitors the best experience possible, the approachable and responsive Sigurwana team and associated agents an help to make your dreams of reconnecting with nature come true.


Get in touch with us now to discover more about how we can take your South African wilderness exploration to a new level.


“ We are caretakers of this beautiful, unspoiled and rich Wilderness Reserve and love to share our passion.”


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