05 March 2020

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Circle of Life…

It has been so much fun watching this little guy go through its journey from catepillar to butterfly.From left to right one can see what this caterpillar did. First we found this little caterpillar making its way across the wall of the lodge.

It then stopped, spun some silk underneath itself and then didn’t move since.
Two days later it started to get little spikes protruding around it’s body. Some of the spikes turned a bit yellow and others stayed black.
After the spikes came out it had stopped changing for a while..


Then 3 weeks after we found it, it started to get an orange colour inside close to the head and that’s when we started noticing were the wings were going to be.
Once again it stopped for a few days.


A day before it hatched it got darker and looked like it was segmenting.
Once we saw this happening we started checking on it often but sadly missed it emerging.
It happens so quickly, we checked it at one stage every 5 to 10 minutes and just in that short time it came out.


We found the butterfly – a lovely Twin Dotted Border (Mylothris rueppellii haemus)- next to the empty casing sunning itself and getting ready for its next stage of life.
All this took 28 days 🙂




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